If you have a following and would be interested in reviewing my book Bombshells – Five Women Who Set the Fifties on Fire, please message me or email shardaws@yahoo.co.uk and I will pass your details onto my publishers!

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I’m well into my new book project, and I’ve been fine-tuning the outline and plan – it’s all coming together beautifully and I can’t wait to reveal more!


The best apps for students can help sort out everything

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This app makes the world a bit safer for anyone out and about when the campus gets dark, quiet, and deserted. It’s a personal safety app that lets users alert selected friends, called guardians, in situations where they feel vulnerable or in danger. You can use it to send SOS signals to friends by pressing a single button or saying a safety phrase. You can also use the app to stream and automatically record video in emergencies. Other nice features include the ability to receive a fake phone call in order to excuse yourself from unwanted attention, as well as the ability to have friends see your location. It’s a great app, although you do need to pay a monthly subscription of $8 if you want access to all safety features.