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Shift your focus.

If you’re going down the doomsday of Oh crap, money, finances, whatever it is, shift your focus, like physically shift your focus. If you catch yourself stuck, or spinning, this is the time to go for a bike ride. Go do laundry, whatever. Shift your focus away. Don’t allow yourself to go down that spinning road. This is really, really important.

Robot can be controlled and monitored by a nursing booth with a control station having such features as navigation, drawer activation for providing medicines and food to patients, sample collection, and audio-visual communication

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Prof. (Dr.) Harish Hirani, Director, CSIR-CMERI stated that “This Hospital Care Assistive Robotic Device could be effective for frontline healthcare officials dealing with COVID-19 patients in delivering services while maintaining mandatory physical distancing”. The cost of this device is less than Rs 5 lakh, and the weight is less than 80 kilograms, added Prof. Hirani.

In Case You’re Running Out of Videos to Watch / Wiki Pages to Read / Whatever

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We’re all bored out of our wits trying to find something fun and exciting to do during this lockdown. With all the things we’ve recommended to you over the past few weeks, from sanitizing your gadgets down to Netflix recommendations, let’s now tap onto the incredible front page of the internet: