Dewey Belong Together, an all-new enemies to lovers small-town romance from Ann Whynot, is available now in Kindle Unlimited!

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The synopsis of this book led me to believe this was going to be an entirely different story than it ended up being. I was expecting a goofy gamer rom-com with Green Valley antics thrown in with some heat. I didn’t get that really. This story was heavier with emphasis on past trauma and mental health/illness. While it still had Green Valley charm and characters from the town giving his little cameos the story spent half the book in Florida where Jonathan lives. That being said, did I dislike the book, no that’s not the case, but was it what I expected, no it wasn’t that either.

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I’m well into my new book project, and I’ve been fine-tuning the outline and plan – it’s all coming together beautifully and I can’t wait to reveal more!