I [imagine] a schedule will materialize when the time comes

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I do know that the writing will more than likely take place during the morning hours timeframe, because that’s when I’m tending to function on all cylinders. And I need to be fully-functioning for my book writing sessions, because they take some concentrated effort. I’m already guessing that some of my content writing for my other platforms will have to be pushed to the afternoons or evenings to make room for the book writing. So, time will dictate how the schedule will unfold when I actually get closer to the writing part of the book writing process. I’m currently in the research phase at the moment.


If you have a following and would be interested in reviewing my book Bombshells – Five Women Who Set the Fifties on Fire, please message me or email shardaws@yahoo.co.uk and I will pass your details onto my publishers!

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I’m well into my new book project, and I’ve been fine-tuning the outline and plan – it’s all coming together beautifully and I can’t wait to reveal more!