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In retrospect, one of the biggest events on the internet in 2019 involves an egg. Not just any egg, a world record egg, an egg that beat the Kardashians.  This world record egg had over 39 Million likes and dethrones Kylie Jenner, the previous owner of the most liked social media post.

For Digital Strategists like myself, this is not just any normal occurrence, it’s an important one. Because it shows the importance of tapping into emotional engagements. in retrospect, making people feel something to create a movement.

That Feeling… 

As far as things worth liking on the internet go, who would have ever thought an egg would rise to the very top of the hierarchy? The thing they tapped into was the shared sense of feeling that people love to hate the Kardashians and more often than not would involuntarily support anyone or anything(clearly) that tries to out-stage them.

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