Curse words or Swear words

IB Workshops 2019

In last week workshop we talked about swear words because as people who aren’t anglephone we use words that are consider as swear words in the english language without understanding their full meaning.

Swear words have changed trought time.They are use by people as a rebellion. In the middle ages they were more religious because religion was really important and use to oppressed people, at the Renaissance they were sexual words because sexuality was one of the biggest taboos. Meanwhile in the Victorian Era curse words were more similar from today whitout all the racial slur.

Today, curse words are different depending on were you are. They get their power from the culture deepest taboos. For example, in Quebec, the swear words that are use are words as “tabarnak, osti or calisse”. They are the derivative of church words “tabernacle,osti,calisse”. Before, religion uses to be omnipresents in Quebec culture so…

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